Haunted Happenings

Byron Davis (lead vocals God Forbid)

Oh yeah, I’ve had several of them. Well, there was this one, where I lived, my stepfather passed away. So like the night before he died, he was trying to call to me. I really didn’t say anything. I kinda was like whatever and kept it to myself. And then after a couple of days, after he died, I could see his ghostly figure walking around the house and shit. I kind of scared the crap out of me at the time. My mother had always told me not to let ghosts really freak you out because they’re not really there to harm you. He’s like a friendly ghost. So I always try to use that and it helps me out whenever things aren’t going very well. I always seem to find or something always seems to find me to keep me calm to get me through whatever bullshit I’m going through at the time. I consider them my extra-terrestrial bodyguards. They always keep the harm away from me. It’s cool. I really don’t fear ghosts or anything. I do dream about ghosts a lot, but then again, I’m a little out there. I’m not mentally wrapped too well.

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