Haunted Happenings

DC Cooper

“My brother, who was my best friend, biggest fan and best supporter, passed away. He was killed in an auto accident some years ago. I’ve always had this dream of seeing him again. You know, it just makes you think about what’s on the other side. I was onstage with Royal Hunt in Zurich, Switzerland in front of about two thousand people. I do know whenever his spirit is near me, it’s happened a couple of times over the years since he died. I truly believe it. I just know whenever he comes and visits. He might not be watching all the time or maybe he is. But, every once in a while, I can feel his presence. We were about three quarters of the way through the show and we were getting into one of the number one singles called “Far Away.” It’s a ballad, a really nice song and it basically has to do with losing someone. We were doing this song, I was sitting on this stool just kind of relaxing. I closed my eyes and felt this huge presence. I knew he was there, but, this is the wild part that really killed me. I opened my eyes and scanned around the theater because this presence was so strong. There was a guy walking toward the front who looked like my brother. I actually thought it was him. He’d gotten close enough where he’d stopped, I mean, I knew it wasn’t him. But, in my mind and in my heart, I pretended it was. I sang to this guy and at the end of the song I had to walk off the stage. I told the band to do an instrumental song because I needed a couple of minutes. I was totally freaked out. It was a good feeling, a very fulfilled kind of feeling. But, I was also scared. I just wanted it to be him so bad. But, his presence was there and so I thought maybe I was imagining that this person walking toward me was my brother. But, I knew it wasn’t, it couldn’t be.”

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