Haunted Happenings

Eddie Q. Matthews (Manager/ Seven 13)

I’m writing to relay some of the band’s “haunted happenings.” The band was in the studio recording of all things, their song “Haunted.” Now, this was years ago on their beginning album “Book Of Shadows.” The vocalist at that time was in the booth recording his vocals and a woman’s voice joined on one particular long-held note. I was sitting with the engineer and we both looked at each other. It was not feedback, it was not a mishap with the board. The engineer even went so far as to replay the note several times, shutting down compression and other items that may have caused interference. The woman’s note began AFTER the male vocalist and sung a harmony on his held high note.

It can be heard on a good stereo on the “Book Of Shadows” version of “Haunted.” We re-released “Haunted” on the CD “Unleashed” with a much more powerful sound but on the band’s beginning CD, there is definitely a woman’s voice to be heard. There were other occurrences during the recording of “Book Of Shadows” that the studio door would open by itself. Now, this was not a light door and to open, it had to swing out OVER carpet. Not possible for wind to blow a heavy door open when it brushed against carpet anyways. Besides, there were no windows available.

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