Haunted Happenings

Jonny Santos (Spineshank/Silent Civilian)

Yes, Birmingham, Alabama. It was an old steel mill that was shut down and turned into a venue. It was like an outside venue. It’s renowned for how many of it workers lost their lives there. (Jonny remembers the name of the place, but it is not understandable enough to me to even try to spell) Once you get out back behind the venue, you can walk around where all these guys have died and fallen off the edge. I was standing on the railing looking over and I had a video camera. It was dark as hell. And all of a sudden this bright white silhouette or something was in my view of the camera. When I moved the camera, it was still there. It scared the shit out of me. I turned around and ran back. I really don’t know what it was, but it was pitch black dark and all of a sudden there was this glowing silhouette just there. And I can say that it wasn’t just me. There were a couple of us in the band. And I know we weren’t that fuckin’ wasted to all have seen it. We did not go back out to look for it again. And when we looked a the camera, it was not on the tape.

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