Haunted Happenings

Kirsten Turner (Publicist, wife and everything else for Warrant)

My haunting story was when I was on my way home from Vegas, it was raining REALLY hard and too dangerous to drive so I stopped at a hotel to stay the night. Only one couple was there dancing in the bar area and no other hotel guests were to be seen. I put my stuff in my room and decided to go to the bar. I left the room and the door was so heavy it slammed shut. In order for it to stay open, it would need a wedge or someone strong to hold it. The hotel seemed very freaky. When I went back to my room the door was half open and no one was inside. The door was too heavy to stay open by itself but it did?? I touched it and it slammed shut. I told the front desk and asked the dumb question if there were ghosts and she said that many cooks had felt them in the kitchen. I am not a ghost believer but this was pretty freaky. I got a different room for the night but the stormy evening was just like in the movies!!

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