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The Great Kat: Beethoven’s Guitar Shred (DVD)

The first release that I would like to talk about is The Great Kat’s DVD release, “Beethoven’s Guitar Shred.” Not that it’s a bad thing…but…this release is pretty much the same as her previous DVD, “Extreme Guitar Shred.” This DVD includes seven shred videos and each one is short and straight to the point. My favorite video is “Blood,” which has a running time of 39 seconds. Yes…you read that right…39 seconds. Blink and you’ll miss it. I like it because it’s a Great Kat original and she’s covered in blood. What can I say…it turns me on. I also like “Islamofacists,” which is kind of set up like one of those torture videos that terrorists love to share with us. Although, The Great Kat is an American and the people who are being tortured are supposed to be the terrorists, which is all the more reason to love her. Personally, I totally agree with the point she’s trying to make…if, in fact, she is trying to make a point…which I believe she is. As for The Great Kat’s take on classical music, which is what she’s really known for, I think my favorite video would have to be “Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony,” which is simply brutal…and I mean that in a good way. You know…now that I think about it…I should probably just say that I like ’em all because…if you watch them all at once…it’s almost like you’re watching a single video. Okay…yeah…I like ’em all. Now let’s move on to the bonus features. You’ll probably have to go through them a few times in order to catch everything because, once again, if you blink, you’re gonna miss something. First up are “Hot Shred Bits 2,” which is a collection of images that flash by to the tune of some seriously fast shred guitar. Next up are “Shred Geniuses,” which is another collection of images that feature people who are worthy enough to earn The Great Kat’s admiration. They zoom by so fast that you don’t even have the time to read each caption under the photo. You’ll have to roll through this feature in slow motion in order to take it all in. There’s also a “Shred Cartoon,” which is an animated version of The Great Kat playing shred guitar and smashing a bumble-bee and, of course, there’s more blood.

I didn’t really pay attention as to how long it took me to go through everything on this release. But, I’m pretty sure it clocked in under ten minutes. If it’s any longer than that…well…call me surprised. I guess the million dollar question here is…what’s the attraction? Why would you want to purchase a DVD that’s shorter than almost every video that’s up on YouTube? Well, the answer is simple. When it comes to The Great Kat…either you love her and you appreciate what she’s all about or you hate her. There’s no in between and there’s no way you can be a casual fan. Personally, I admire her for the simple fact that she has never sold out. She hasn’t tried to change her style in order to reach a larger audience and she has remained true to what she does and how she does it. That’s why I’m such a huge fan…I know The Great Kat will never disappoint me…and I can’t think of any other artist that I can say that about. So, if you ask me if this release is worth checking out…my response would be, “You’re damn right it is!”

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