Ear Damage

Fred Shafer “Resistor” (Goomba Music)

Excellent radio-friendly rock. A solid, well-written album from start to finish. What I really like about this album is…well…it’s pure and honest. Haven’t heard an album like this in a long time. One where the music does all the talkin’. A lot of the music I hear on the radio…when I actually listen to it…comes off sounding forced and unoriginal. No talent people tryin’ to write “the” song that they believe will bring them fame and fortune. There’s no heart. No passion. Once I went through this release, I got the impression that Fred Shafer was all about heart. His passion is to write a really good song. One that comes from the soul. That’s what I hear on all twelve of the tracks that are presented here. If there’s any justice in the world…this album should be number one on any chart that’s out there. This is an album that will stand the test of time. Well worth a listen.

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