Ear Damage

Judas Priest “British Steel” (Columbia)

What could you possibly say about this album that hasn’t been said before? It’s a classic that has stood the test of time…and if you need a review to tell you that…you shouldn’t be listening to music. Here’s what you do need to know. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “British Steel,” Columbia/Legacy released…let’s see…first…there’s a CD/DVD package that includes a 2001 remaster of the album with two additional bonus tracks and a 16 song concert performance of the album + seven more tunes and an interview. On top of that, there’s also a 2 CD/DVD package that’s the same as the first + an additional audio CD of the concert. This is the one that I would suggest getting because you get everything the first package has with an additional disc on top of it. To be honest…a release such as this isn’t for someone who’s already a fan because, let’s face it, we already own the album. We might pick it up for the bonus tracks or the DVD. It’s nice to get a little something extra. But, I believe the real reason for a release such as this is to introduce the album to a whole new generation, and…you have to admit…they certainly need it. The music of today is…well…UGH! It might give you a thrill for a moment or two. Then it’s off to the next abomination. It won’t stand the test of time. That CD that you’re holdin’ in your hand right now…you won’t see people makin’ a big deal about it 30 years now. I’m sure you’ll see a “British Steel” 60th-anniversary release around that time though. So, check it out and hear for yourself what real metal is all about.

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