Ear Damage

Roswell Six “Terra Incognita – A Line In The Sand” (Progrock Records)

I read a lot. I like to read. But, I could never understand the logic behind writing a book and then coming up with a CD to go with it. I mean…it’s not like a movie soundtrack…which I can understand. Audio and video, go together. Audio and the printed word? Not so much in my opinion. I can’t even understand the whole audiobook thing. Like I said, I like to read. I don’t want to listen to a book. Anyway, that’s what this release is all about. It’s a companion CD to the second book of the “Terra Incognita” trilogy. Now, I never read the books and I probably never will. So, this isn’t a “companion” CD for me…it’s just another album. Having said that…it’s a cool album to listen to. Musical style… high-quality progressive rock. Steve Walsh, Sass Jordan, and others provide the vocals. So, there’s a little more variety, which is a good thing. I think musicians who perform this style of music are a bit more intelligent than most other people and the fans who listen have higher expectations. You can’t just throw a few tunes together and call it progressive rock. It almost has to be larger than life in both sound and lyrical content. This release gives you that. It gives you something that’s a lot better than most of what’s floating around out there. You won’t be disappointed.

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