Ear Damage

Norma Jean “Meridional” (Razor & Tie Records)

I’m not really familiar with the music of Norma Jean. I’ve heard some stuff here and there. That’s about it. Now, I read somewhere where they said the material on this album would be something totally new and different and that they were digging deep into their roots. Maybe I don’t understand where they’re coming from because I didn’t really hear anything new on this release. They’re a metalcore band…and that’s what I heard…metalcore. Really great musicianship with a razor blade vocal style that will melt your face. What more can I say? I do appreciate music like this, especially if it’s good. The music is what really does it for me and there’s enough variety here to keep it interesting. Is this better than their previous releases? I couldn’t say. Will you like it? If you’re into this style of music…yeah…I think you would find this one to be a worthy addition to your collection.

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