Metal to the Core!

Metal to the Bone! Summer 2012

CHROMATIC BLACK/Self Titled (OK Good Records)

I thought this was gonna be some generic modern rock, but how wrong I was. This was some awesome punk rock with tons of killer hooks and vocals. The tunes had my head nodding to the tunes and the heavy guitar and bass filled my ears with sounds that I liked. The singer has a great voice he sings the songs with tons of passion and fits the band well. Think Bad Religion and Black Flag in spots and also the Circle Jerks too. Great production on this and not many bands doing this sort of thing and it was like a breath of fresh air. Info:

SLOW BURING CAR/Vol2 The Shattering (Self Released)

This looks to be some sort of best of or what now, but no info was provided. I saw that cause stuff on here is copywrited in 1993. Anyway as far as the music and band go this was some boring stuff. The songs lacked any power and were quite boring. The vocals at times sounded like they were whispered or sung through a bull horn. Nothing at all on this was remotely interesting. The songs bored me there was no feeling, no power, no catchy riffs, no nothing. This was slow burning torture trying to get past song # 6. Info: or

HERETIC/Praising Satan (Soul Seller Records)

The bio says this band has been around 15 years, well I have never heard them before. I know they sound a lot like Venom at times, especially in the vocal department. I wouldn’t say this is black metal 100%, but more of a mix of some black metal and rock n roll!!! It is a weird combo, but you know what, it works on this. The riffs might be simple, but the simple riffs I liked. The raw production I was into as well and this isn’t fast, but more pure power. So think Venom meeting rock n roll. Cool re-releases here. Info:

DISENTOMB/Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim (Obsidian Records)

Total garbage death metal that sounds like a million other bands. Wow lets sound like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. They have the wow super original cup the mic low vocals and the tin can drumming and those ultra weak blast beats down to a science. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is why the death metal scene sucks nowadays and that most new bands I have heard suck my left ball. There is a handful of good death metal bands making the rounds, but this like so many others isn’t one of them. Total complete fuckin garbage is what this fuckin is. A waste of a CD. Info:

WES/Origins (Soul Seller Records)

This was a double disc of acoustic music from this neofolk band. Sorry, but I found this totally boring by song 3 and I don’t know how anybody could listen to this for 2 hours unless they wanted to be tortured. Cmon there is only so much you can do with an acoustic guitar and sorry if I want to mellow out I’ll put some jazz music on not this crap. The label says this is a superb masterpiece not to be missed, well sorry but I’ll be missing it and if I had to listen to this every day, I would make sure to take a nap cause it would easily put me to sleep. Info:

HED P.E./Truth Rising (Suburban Noize Records)

Oh this was so awful and bad it isn’t funny. Total nu metal crap with almost rap vocals. This is garbage in the vein of bands like System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine. All that nu metal groove crap and the bands bio has the nerve to call this hardcore??!!!! Fuck you as hardcore to me is Agnostic Front, GBH, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Murphy’s Law, etc. Hardcore this is not and this is some of the worst crap I have heard in years. It is so generic and bland it isn’t even funny. Oh in the bio on the band it mentions the word hip hop so I need not say any more on why you should not even consider buying this. Hip Hop indeed. Info:

LEGACY OF DISORDER/Self Titled (Self Released)

Un like the above band, this band plays hardcore with a metal edge sort of in the vein of older Pro Pain and I like it. The singer doesn’t have that rappy shit going on and just sings the tunes with a heavy edge and power. The tunes are catchy and heavy as fuck with killer riffs and feeling. Not that hip hop shit like the above band. This band delivers the goods. Nice thick and raw production and I bet these guys kill live. This is a great combo of metal and hardcore, kinda like metal-core he he. Info:

MIKE GIBBONS/Marigolds The Bankok Sessions (Self Released)

Why somebody sent this to David to review for a metal webzine is beyond me. This is coffee house music with a guy singing playing an acoustic guitar. I found this boring big time and did nothing for me. Some may like it, but to Laura the publicity person, uh wake up and look who you are sending stuff to review for. Do you think if I was doing publicity for sayMorbid Angel I would send a CD to a jazz magazine. If your into coffee house music, here ya go. Info:


TINY ANIMALS/Our Own Time (North Street Records)

This is power pop that wasn’t too bad, but I am not really into this sort of stuff. The band write happy riffs with some decent singing and I guess if your into this sort of stuff you’ll like this 12 tracks of power pop punk with some decent singing and songs that are easy to get into as well. Not my cup of tea, but maybe yours. Info:

THE ONE THROUGH 10’S/Fighting For A Golden Age (Self Released)

This is a an alternative rock band I would say in is in the vein of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers with a bit of Soundgarden

thrown in the mix. This band was really cool in that they play some ultra heavy riffs, but still

have plenty of melody and the songs were big time catchy on this. The singer has one hell of

a set of pipes as he sings these songs with a ton of passion and emotion and his voice fits

the music perfectly. The production on this is also perfect as you can hear everything clear

as day and the band just blew me away with their passion and playing as the songs just

dragged me on a ride that I did not want to get off. Info:

ANA KEFR/The Burial Tree (Self Released)

Another one of the thousand’s of happy deathcore metal bands making the rounds these days. The band play the happy, jumpy metal riffs with

the same ole heard it a million times deathcore screams. This band sounds just like every

other deathcore band out there with the happy nu metal riffs and death metal screams. Bands

like this are a dime a dozen and if you have heard one, you have heard em all and this band

basically sucked as I hate bands like this. Info:

BATON ROGUE MORGUE/High End Of The Season (Self Released)

This was a an awesome band as they play straight up ass kicking ass rock n roll with killer riffs and catchy riffs that

don’t sound generic or nu metal in any way. Production on this is perfect and the singer has a

nice solid voice that fits the music like a tight pair of spandex. This is just plain ass kicking

rock n roll that blows away all that new rock you hear on the radio. As a bonus this also comes

with a DVD of the band that is like getting extra whipped cream on your sundae. Info: or

WILL WARNER/Vivien Vain (Self Released)

Damn this was an swesome release. This has a Carmine and Vinnie Appice playing on some of the tracks and this is honest to goodness

70’s early 80’s pure rock n roll down from the production to the song arrangements. Rainbow

came to mind as this played on. The singer sounds like the guy from Firehouse and since they

are one of my favorite bands, I loved his voice. This is just pure 80’s rock n roll in the vein of

bands like Quiet Riot, Firehouse, Rainbow, etc and if your into that sort of stuff, you’ll LOVE

this, I did. Info:

KIDNEY THIEVES/Tryptefanatic (Self Released)

This was more modern rock with a female singer

that sounds like anything I would hear on modern rock radio nowadays. To me this sort of stuff

is too formula releated as there is no difference from one to another. This has a bit of a industrial

sound, but the female singer sounds like evey other singer I hear on the radio at the gym. This

just didn’t impress me much as it was a case of heard it all before. Info:

HIGH COUNCIL/No Futher Questions (Self Released)

This was a 4 song Ep of in my opinion

some bad rock n roll. The songs are not catchy and strong at all. The singer doesn’t have a bad voice, but the music is just flat and goes nowhere fast. You can download this for free and decide

for yourself. Info:

MINDFLOWER/With Bare Hands (Self Released)

Another new rock band that again in my eyes sounds like any other band on the radio. Tired happy riffs with a clear voice singer. The tunes on

this weren’t strong to me and kinda just dragged on. The tunes didn’t have that catchy edge that

separates the good from the bad. Though I wouldn’t say this band is bad, they just aren’t doing

anything great to get me excited and like I said before the songs just kinda plodded along

with little excitement. Info:

PANDEMONIUM/Promo 2010 (Self Released)

What I got on this was 2 new tracks from this band and some videos. This is easily one of the worst bands I have heard this year. The singer just

garbles and spews out a bunch of sutff, none that were words and there was

no passion or harte in his voice. The music is all that nu metal crap mixed in with some bad death metal. The 2

songs on this were completely god awful in my eyes and ears and I can only imagine hearing

10 tunes from this band would be complete torture. There was nothing of value on this at all. Info: or

OPEN SIGHT/The Voice Of Nothing (Self Released)

Reading this band’s bio and some of the reviews that they got, I think those people are on drugs. This is 5 songs of bad nu metal with

those annoying happy riffs that sound like every other band. The singer doesn’t have a bad voice,but the songs go nowhere fast and they are not catchy at all, they drag and there is not

one riff on this I would bang me head too I can tell ya that. To me this is just another faceless

metal band in the underground. Info:

RUSTY EYE/Possessor (Self Released)

I have reviewed this band’s stuff for Metal Core in the past and this was another solid release by the band. They play a weird style of metal with a bit

of rock n roll mixed in. They mix in a bit of thrash in with their brand of metal. They use a female

singer who has that clean style, which I hate, but they only use it every now and then, so it never gets to the point of annoying. The music is original as I can’t compare them to any band and

you would have ot just hear them for yourself. The singer as a good raspy voice that almost

belongs at a horror street side show. A cool band for sure. Info:

CLAGG/Lord Of The Deep (

The bands bio claims this is a doom metal band, but I heard no doom metal. What I heard was a more like a psychedelic rock with a big of

a grunge edge to it. The tunes were actually pretty boring and the singer had a bad voice and

this really didn’t do much for me. Oh it is heavy music alright, but nothing that made me stand up and take notice that is for sure. Info:

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