‘Mosaic,’ Jann Klose (People Records)

If you listen to any artist. This is the artist you should listen to. His track “Make It Better” captivated me upon first listen. His voice has that quality of just drawing you in. The track “Make It Better” has an upbeat, kinda bouncy tempo that just makes you feel good. Very intelligent lyrics top rate production and musicianship with an awesome vocal delivery. You just have to hear this track for yourself to understand what I’m trying to elaborate. I mean this song is awesome! Just check out some of these lyrics!  “Welcome to the world of the great divide/Where the rich get rich and the poor stay poor all of the time.” As Jann Klose puts it: “If you don’t know love, you don’t know life”. His new album “MOSAIC” is one that I know that you would want in your collection. Trust me, down the road, this man is gonna be huge in my opinion.

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