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Absolutely hate all these “reality” singers’ shows that’s on the air these days

Absolutely hate all these “reality” singers’ shows that are on the air these days. The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent to name 3. Shows like these make me sick. All these singers in just a few weeks become ‘stars? In some cases, somebody has to win the show and they get a record contract. That’s a joke. Where is the paying of dues? There isn’t any.

As I type this I am watching “The Voice” with my wife. There are 9 contestants left and of course every singer, according to the judges is doing an amazing job and the crowd goes crazy for every artist too. It makes me laugh because there has been no buildup for any of these people and in some cases has never played live or do club shows, etc.

The funny part is when the winner gets all these millions of votes, but yet when his or her album comes out nobody buys it. I call this “fake television. In my opinion, most of these singers suck and it is like amateur hour, but god forbid one of the “coaches” or “judges” offers up any criticism. This show totally blows.

Thank god American Idol is done after this year. Only a couple of artists have done well. Carrie Underwood (a country artist), Kelly Clarkson and Daughty come to mind and he didn’t even win the thing. I remember Fantasia won one year and her 1st album bombed and that was the last we heard from her. Another guy won, Taylor Hicks and his album bombed. The problem being by the time these people release an album the people watching and voting move on to something else.

I wish these singing reality shows would go away into the toilet where they belong.

Let me know what your take is on this in the comment section below.

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