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WELCOME TO YOUR FUNERAL – The Story Of Rigor Mortis [DVD]

Rigor Mortis a thrash band out of Texas in the 80’s that were one of the 1st bands to get signed to a major label that were not 1st signed to an indie before jumping to a major. What a great DVD as it goes before the beginnings of the band and leads you up to where several of the members were in other bands until they ended forming and in some cases joining (the singer) Rigor Mortis. It goes into detail about the early days of the band, all the early shows around Texas and how the singer got busted for drugs and had to cut his hair and go on probation. Next the band recorded a demo and almost got signed by Elektra, but blew it. How the band had a feud with Pantera and then at the end of it, it touches on them getting signed to Capitol Records. All band members are interviewed and the DVD is narrated by Phil from Pantera! A fascinating DVD from a band I knew little of. A a great story here and can’t wait for Part # 2. Info: MVD

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