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What Does Death Metal Mean To You?

What does the term death metal mean to some of you? Some may think it’s a wall of noise with gurgle vocals. Not to me. When death metal is played right it can be one of the most devastating forms of music known to man. Here’s the big problem though. There are only a handful of bands doing it right today.

Most death metal bands these days have all these pig squealing vocals or the cup the mic shit that to me is not death metal. Hell I can cup the mic and scream into a microphone. Back in the 90’s you had all these bands trying to sound like Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse.

Nowadays I get a lot of promos from death metal bands on record labels and I say to myself who in the world signed this garbage. Most bands, and this is 95% easily are fuckin garbage that belong in the trash as all they are doing is trying to sound like Cannibal Corpse or they have all these groove riffs within their music. Hate to break it to them, but death metal is meant to be brutal and heavy.

Listen to bands such as Immolation, Death, Autopsy, Incantation and Cannibal Corpse. That is what death metal should sound like my friends. Oh a lot of bands like to use that trigger drum sound and that’s a joke as well. I know it’s hard to be original and I don’t expect bands to be, but my god please bring something to the table and leave cup the mic vocals at home. Leave the groove stuff to dance music as well ha ha. There’s just way too many Cannibal Corpse clone’s.

A good death metal band needs a solid great vocalist with a brutal voice and really means it when he sings the lyrics. You need catchy riffs, memorable songs and not just a bunch of wishy washy stuff that nobody will remember after the song is done.


Just give one of the bands I mentioned a try and you’ll see why. Now as far as new bands Deathammer is keeping the death metal scene alive. I just hope in 2016 and beyond we see a few more bands kicking ass and taking no prisoners.

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