Haunted Happenings

Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter)

“When I was a kid on Halloween something shot through the sky and landed in the woods near my house late one night. So, I went to go check it out. I walked deep in the woods and came across a giant circus tent I slowly opened the flaps of the tent to look inside and all of a sudden a giant clown with razor sharp teeth and a strange gun came at me. Then i woke up and realized i had fallen asleep with the SyFy channel on watching the horror movie “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”!

If you experienced anything out of the ordinary, at home or in the studio, on the road, at a gig, drop us a line at and tell us about it. No, they don’t have to be bloody, gory or of Stephen King novel proportions. Strange, weird, coincidental or unusual will do…and if you wish to remain anonymous, that can be arranged. Until next time…happy haunting!

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