Haunted Happenings

A HALLOWEEN Confession of a Kentucky Headhunter, Greg Martin

I saw a Halloween Dummy, placed by three dummies, stop a train. True story…

I’m almost ashamed to tell this story, but I’ll use this as a confession. Perhaps the good Lord and L&N will forgive me. In the Fall of 1977, around Halloween, a couple friends and I took a little ride around the south end of Louisville. I’m sure a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine was involved, so we weren’t thinking as clearly as we should have been. I won’t give the full names to protect their identity, even though the statute of limitations now applies. Wayne, Dennis and I had a band practice room at a church on Dixie Highway, so after jamming one night, we decided to take a drive. We spotted a Halloween dummy in someone’s yard, no doubt a creation of some enthusiastic youngster anticipating the upcoming spook season. We whipped the car over, grabbed the dummy, and off we went into the night. The next thing we spotted was a City of Louisville wooden horse with flashing caution lights on a street. We nabbed it and off to the church we went to. As we got to the church, what was about 100 yards from the back door? A railroad track!! Not being that smart, and being the typical young and dumb guys we were, we took the dummy and wooden horse to the track. We carefully straddled the wooden horse across the track and the dummy on of the top facing the way trains usually came. At that point, we ran as fast as we could back to the church, went inside and carefully waited for the train. In just a few minutes, we saw the flashing lights of a freight train approaching the spot. I’m sure we thought the train would hit the dummy and wooden horse and demolish it and never stop. Well, that wasn’t the case at all. The train slowed down to a stop, the engineer then started shining a spotlight onto the field looking for the culprits. Of course, we’re hiding in the church, peeping out the window laughing uncontrollably. In about 15 minutes, the dummy and wooden horse were moved by L&N employees and the train went on. At the time, I was 23 years old, Wayne and Dennis were around 18. In retrospect, if we had been caught, I would have landed myself in prison on a couple counts. But on this night, I saw a Halloween Dummy, placed by three dummies, stop a train. True story…

– Greg Martin

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