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Vivaldis the four seasonsThis Interview was originally to be posted in Ballbuster Babes. However, Kat has asked us not to include it in babes so it’s now posted in HardTalk Interviews here at BallBuster Music! Enjoy!! –Editors Note

I have known of the Great Kat since she released her debut release on Roadracer Records many years ago and I thought it would be great to feature in the Ballbuster Babes section on this website so here is her interview:

Chris Forbes: What sort of girl were you growing up?

KAT: Growing up, I listened to BEETHOVEN (since BIRTH) and ALL I DID was STUDY and PLAY VIOLIN. I won a Full Scholarship on Violin to study at The Juilliard School, where. I became the Concertmaster of the Juilliard Pre-College Orchestra and won the “Robert Hufstader Scholarship” in Theory at Juilliard. The Great Kat graduated with Honors from The Juilliard School and began performing, first as a Classical violin soloist at Carnegie Recital Hall as the winner of the exclusive “Artists International Competition” and then soloing extensively in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe. MY MISSION is to UPDATE CLASSICAL MUSIC and bring BEETHOVEN to the MASSES!!!

The Great Kat IS the WORLD’S FASTEST GUITAR/VIOLIN SHREDDER, Reincarnation of BEETHOVEN, ONLY Guitar/Violin DOUBLE Virtuoso since Paganini, JUILLIARD grad violin virtuoso, GUITAR and VIOLIN ICON, “TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” and a METAL LEGEND!

CF: How did you end up discovering metal and when did you start to play guitar?

KAT: After graduating from Juilliard and touring as a Classical Violin soloist, I realized that Classical music was DEAD! I began searching popular music forms and first collaborated with Counterculture Guru Timothy Leary on the rock song “Right Brain Lover. We recorded the song – check it out on NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY “TIMOTHY LEARY PAPERS” at

One day I happened to see a JUDAS PRIEST Music Video on TV and realized that SPEED METAL was POWERFUL and EXCITING! I immediately picked up an electric guitar and began transcribing my intricate violin solos and “PAGANINI” Violin technique to the guitar and THE GREAT KAT GUITAR-SHREDDING POWERHOUSE was BORN!

The Great Kat Cooks!CF: Now I was around when you got signed to Roadracer Records. Looking back how was it working with them?

KAT: Steev Riccardo and Monte Conner were very cool. They realize that THE GREAT KAT is an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE of LEGENDARY POWER the world has not seen SINCE BEETHOVEN!

CF: What are some other great guitar players in your opinion?

KAT: Jimi Hendrix and Randy Rhoads and THE GREAT KAT!

CF: How did you come up with the name The Great Kat?


“Kat” is short for “KATHERINE” and “THE GREAT” is for the GREATNESS of KAT!!!!!!!!

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