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With the passing of Tom Petty, it feels like the Music Died. The first time I ever heard of Tom Petty song was in 1989 when Free Falling came on MTV I thought at first that he was a solo singer putting out his first solo album little did I know who Tom Petty really was and the music that he had made before the full moon fever album.

He wrote songs that made you feel something inside he also had the respect of his peers he shared the stage with Axl Rose to do Free Falling at the 1989 Video Music Awards he worked with George Harrison he even had both George Harrison and Ringo Starr in his music video for I Won’t Back Down. He was a member of the supergroup Traveling Wilburys.

I won’t back down is a song that resonates with everybody during different times in their lives the song has resonated with me through the tough times that I’ve been through and the fights and battles that I’ve had with people in New Jersey politics. I’ve always said I won’t back down and I’m going to Stand My Ground. He also added humor to his music videos to this day I still love his video for into the Great Wide Open which had Johnny Depp starring as a rock star in the video.

Tom Petty wrapped up his 40th-anniversary tour and he said that this would probably be the last tour because he wants to spend more time with his granddaughter.

One of Tom Petty’s legacies is that he always fought for his right as an artist and his music in 1981 when the record label wanted to release his album Hard Promises at a higher price of $9.98 from $8.98 Tom Petty have Lee fought against it he didn’t want his fans to pay more to buy his album so the record label could make more money he always took a stand and I believe that open the doors for artists today to do that. When he did this 36 years ago it was insane to think that an artist would stand up for something such as the record label wanting to charge more money to buy his music.

Tom Petty’s Legacy will be his songs his songs will live on he wrote songs that would mean something you always found a meaning in them. A couple days ago I was listening to Tom Petty’s room at the top and just thinking how beautiful of a song that was and how I was able to relate to that song in 1999 when I was going through a breakup I’m just thinking about that song now just how beautiful that song is and sadly here we are a couple days later he passes away.

There is room at the top of the world tonight, Tom Petty is sitting up there he ain’t coming down, I am sure he is looking down at the tributes we are all doing. Even ESPN did a funny tribute to NFL teams quarterback confidence in their quarterbacks and gave each team and quarterback a Tom Petty song title. It goes to show the impact that Tom Petty’s music has had on all of us. Rest in peace Tom Petty thank you for the music and memories.

Feel free to share your Tom petty stories and memories with us.

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By Angel Alamo

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