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Live stuff! The Tom Keifer Band, October 13th, 2017 Harrah’s Chester, Pa | The Hometown Show!

Being a rock journalist is a fun job to me. Going to see Tom Keifer of Cinderella was a real treat. As most fans do when going to a concert we tend to play their music. On my way to the concert, I must have played the song Gypsy Road 10 times. It is a great song to listen to on any road trip. I waited in the long line chatting with the fans sharing stories of the band. I always enjoy hearing people talk about seeing them at a show in 1985 or seeing them at the spectrum in 1990. Everyone has their own story. It is always about celebrating life and the music that has been around for 30 years. I skipped the opening bands and hung around. I carried a pen and paper with me so I can write down the setlist and notes. During the show, I had one lady that would always use the flashlight on her and put it on the paper so I can see what I was writing which was very nice of her.
I waited for the tour manager to let me know that it was ok to come to the bus. Here Comes Tom Keifer walking down from the tour bus and I was very Starstruck. I grew up watching the videos, buying the records, reading the interviews and your dream is always to meet them. Here I am face to face with him for a picture and got the chance to talk for a few minute or two. What a super nice guy. You always root for him because of the hell he had to go through with his voice problems in the 90’s. It was great to see him touring and performing live as these are the songs that he wrote. It is an injustice for any singer to not be able to sing the songs.

Hometown shows are always very special. A chance to come home to where people remember the early days and your childhood. Tom Keifer played a sold-out show at Harrah’s in Chester, PA not far from the clubs where he played in his early days like the Empire and the Galaxy in Somerdale, NJ where Britny Fox and John Corabi were also playing in the mid-80’s.
Before the show, I got the chance to talk to some of the fans who shared there early memories of Tom including one who told the story of Tom in 1985 wearing a long black leather coat, the big hair, and pulling up in his car to get gas before playing a gig. Little did the fan know Cinderella’s career would be taking off shortly thereafter. The fan remembers waiting outside of the club at the Empire. Tom and his band kicked into high gear with a 15 song 90-minute set. The fans were in for a real treat hearing a mixture of the classics and songs from his recently released Deluxe solo album “The Way Life Goes”. Tom kicked things off with Still climbing from Cinderella’s fourth album. The Keifer band was in great form tonight.
Songs from the “Way Life Goes” album were well received by the audience and the band ripped through the classics as if they had been playing them for 10 years. Guitarist Tony Higbee did an amazing and is a great compliment to Tom’s playing The night’s biggest highlight was Tom Keifer and his wife Savannah Keifer for a special duet style of Don’t know what you got til it’s gone.

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