Perfect Defect / Self Titled (MVD audio)

Quick-Tiques: Perfect Defect / Self Titled (MVD audio)

This begins with a rather upbeat alternative track titled “Rollin With G”. Has somewhat of a catchy guitar lick throughout the track with generic-sounding vocals. Next up “Treat Your Man” is kinda hard to wrap my head around due to the fact the guitar intro reminds me too much of The Who’s “Summertime Blues”, other words a lot of similarities here but a pretty rocking track never the less. Overall, in my opinion, the disc has sort of a 90’s vibe throughout. But don’t get me wrong this is a pretty striking record with a meritable line-up! The band fuses blues, country, and hard rock with exceptional talent, 9 hook-filled tunes, to create something fresh yet accustomed. A pretty rocking record!

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