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Your Guide To Metal Promotion… Well Somewhat

For this month’s column I reached out to some Underground labels, bands, and people and Asked this:
When you release something these days how do you go about promoting it?

Kostas Sustainvanos Promo song on YouTube, ads in magazines, interviews, promo copies to printed magazines, digital pak to webzines.

Flávio Oliveira: That’s the way everyone should work…but unfortunately some bands, right before the cd release put it for stream on YouTube or in band camp for free, give all their CDs to everyone they know, pay play as support bands in some events with not very much honest producers….and so on…Why should someone buy a cd, if to have one you have just ask the band to give you one?

Kostas Sustainvanos: To give to some friends is ok, but friends are the 1st that MUST BE SUPPORT!!!

Flávio Oliveira: Yes! For sure!!! And some promotional too, but 80 CDs for free? WTF?

Lance Ozan: Same as I always did. make an overrun of CDs about 3-400 and send them out to all mags/radio etc… we are on our 20th record release…since 1981…time just flies…

George Trevino: Band camp

Brendan Kelly: I’m about to find out! I’m watching this space for ideas.

Sean Epstein: Hardcopy to radio stations is ALMOST pointless. Locally, WGMU doesn’t have a cd player. You get the idea. If one wants radio spins, talk to individual DJs and program mgr. And, good luck.

Brendan Kelly: I’d say specifically for metal, make buddy-buddy nice with anyone who runs a metal podcast.

Sean Epstein: Also fkn lutely. And, talk to me, I’m on WMUC FM every Saturday night. Anyone can inbox for details. I gave up trying to give away airplay aggressively but I put “it” out there occasionally.

Brendan Kelly: Sean Epstein based out of where? Can I stream it?

Gilson Rodrigues De Arruda: Imperative Music Compilation CD is spreading newcomer bands around the world since 2009. Many European bands have already participated 2-3 times, I think it is old school thing but nowadays it works. Metal never dies!

Sean Epstein: Brendan ( if you’re motivated you can stream this week’s (past) in the archive- I’m live on Saturday night 11 playing all recent releases.

Steve Gaines: Hire PR services, and plan a campaign… but do not rely solely on them. Be willing to self-promote.

Bottom line, Do Your Homework!

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