Tara Lynch/Evil Enough (Self-Released)

TARA LYNCH/Evil Enough (Self Released) Some solid rock/metal from this band with some great lead vocals by Tara Lynch and impressive lead guitar work by her as well. Strong and catchy tunes make this a winner in my book. The songs have a ton of feeling to them and it is like Tara is making love to her guitar as those solos were big time impressive. The music is like 80’s rock/metal bands that you would hear on MTV back in the day, but not all that poser crap, I would say this lies along Dokken “Tool and Nail” album, which is a total kick-ass release. Nice to hear a band like this these days as most modern rock is all that formula stuff and the underground music, which I love, most is garbage is these. 2 thumbs up. Info:

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