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Buckets N Joints is an alternative rock band that started in 2012…
These past years the band has made quite a journey by playing shows all around Israel (over 100 shows in the last year),  The band also performed in Germany and Russia, and managed and promoted by ‘Firefox Musikverlag’ Germany. The group soon embark on another tour in Europe to promote their second album recorded in Austria and to be released in 2019. Ball-Buster’s Angel Alamo got the opportunity to Interview the band, and the results follow

Ball-Buster: How was it playing in Germany and Russia?

Buckets N Joints: Amazing, people responded admirably and rocked out with us. In Russia, we played in a Punk/Metal festival called “Dobrofest.” We’re concerned that the people won’t understand what we’re doing there because we’re a more of a rock group than a punk group. But we were pleased to know that people liked that we were different.

Ball-Buster: How does the band approach songwriting?

Buckets N Joints: We usually jam out and get a riff from improvising and expand on that. Our singer Royi is good with writing lyrics on music, so we often write the music before everything. But there are no rules in this band, sometimes someone comes up with a song at home, and we work on it together.

Ball-Buster: If the band could tour with anybody, who would it be?

Buckets N Joints: I think you’d get a different answer from each member haha. But I guess all of us with love tour with our biggest influences.

Ball-Buster: The band is going on a European tour, how did that come to be?

Buckets N Joints: We’re used to touring in Israel, but it’s a small country, so we wanted to expand ourselves out of the border of Israel. Especially after seeing good reactions from Germany and Russia when we toured there. We’ll have a European tour when the album is released, and we’re very excited about it.

Ball-Buster: Are there any other places that the band plans to tour?

Buckets N Joints: We wish to play everywhere, but right now we work on playing in Europe.

Ball-Buster: How has the band been able to maintain the same lineup?

Buckets N Joints: We’re just good friends I guess. We try to stay as honest as we can with each other, and as time goes on, I think we get to know each other’s advantages and disadvantages, and we work together with that.

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By Angel Alamo

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