STEVE HUNTER “Before The Lights Go Out” (Independent)

Here is another blues-rock release. The only thing I wish for was some more vocals as I like vocals in my songs. Other than that, Steve can play and play fantastic and write some killer tunes that are both catchy and gritty. I love the guitar sound he gets. He plays from the heart with a lot of emotion as he almost is making love to the guitar as the notes spew out. The production is spot on and allows everything to flow freely.

( Point Of Interest )

Steve Hunter is an American Guitarist best known for his contributions to Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, and Alice Cooper. His extensive discography includes the first solos on Aerosmith’s version of ‘Train Kept A-Rollin,’ Alice Cooper’s ‘Cold Ethyl, Lou Reed’s ‘Intro To Sweet Jane’ and the acoustic guitars on Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill.’

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