THOR “Christmas In Valhalla” Deadline Music

“Christmas In Valhalla” is a pure holiday delight as The Almighty THOR has once again demanded our scrutiny with his first-ever holiday record. Yes, that’s right The Metal Legend has returned with nine original metal Christmas slabs that will satisfy your metal festivities. 1st track “Donner and Blitzen is a kickass Hard Rocker that will surely get your head banging around your tree this year as well as many more years to come. The driving power emerges with ” Slay Rider” which is metal all the way! Ho! Ho! Ho! Other undisputed outings include “Lend Me Your Ears” “Cold St. Nick” and the haunting ballad “Our Last Christmas” which is one of the best here I kid you not. Excellent band and features artwork by Marvel UK comic illustrator Simon Williams. This album took me by complete surprise, But a pleasurable one I assure you!
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