LEADER OF DOWN “CASCADE INTO CHAOS” – (Various artist) Deadline Music

Ten explosive tracks of well executed hard rock and final recordings from Motorhead guitarist Würzel and features guest appearances with metal’s elite! I mean an album which opens & exit’s with Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister distinctive pipes got my blood to boil! Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing as this CD is the shits. Track after track of some of the catchiness hard rock and metal these ear has heard this year!  A collection of ten in your gut, grind your teeth, pumped up rock anthems! This album is obviously a tribute to Wüzel and the other fallen Motorhead heroes. It’s hard to narrow this record down as they all sizzle!  Features  Fast Eddie Clarke, Phil Cambell, along with members of “Tank, The Jam, Ugly Kid Joe, and Lee Richards (Ex Godsmack) which rounds out this hard rock mayhem!

The solo’s on this is priceless in my book. I love em all, but the one that rock’s my head is “Children Of Disease.” Curious to know what yours are?  Snatch this one up now and raise your fist high!!  Additional top tracks include “Cascade Into Chaos, Snakebite, and Feelgood.

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