PURE FIRE (The Ultimate KISS Tribute) Various Artists | Deadline Music

The recently released Pure Fire is a complete overhaul of the 2004 album  “Spin The Bottle.” This disc is just oozing with talent. Believe me, when I say if you’re a true KISS fan you want this CD.  Includes all the KISS anthems you’ve grown up with and more. A spectacular line-up with such artist as former  KISS member Bruce Kulick as well as Dee Snider, Lemmy Kilmister, C.C. DeVille, Dug Pinnick, and just way too many to mention here includes a bonus making-of DVD that features interviews and stories from the artists, including those who are no longer with us, recorded 14 years ago.  A time capsule showing what these artists looked like, sang like and played like, and what they thought about KISS back then. A steller salute to four individual icons who put rock & roll and showmanship on the map legends in their own right and well deserved at that. The KISS army Unites!!

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