War Of Thrones “Conflict In Creation” MVDaudio/Sonic Night Music

Man, this screams metal with the opening track “Ascending.” Has all the right ingredients to please any metal fans ears. The vocals on this record are second to none. Provided by metal veteran “Wade Black.” (ex Leatherwolf, Crimson Glory). A colleague of Wade’s, Guitarist “Rick Renstrom,”(ex Leash Law.”) Handles the intense rhythms, precise leads & epic riffs while Rich Marks delivers a solid foundation along with former Yngwie Malmsteen’s Patrick Johansson on drums. I can tell you one thing for sure this is hands down is one of my favorites of the year. Superb production, killer art, twelve classic titles deliver by some of the top musicians of its genre. Power F_cking Metal at its best. What more could you want? SAY WHAT!? Don’t believe me? Check out the clip.

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