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It’s Harder Than Ever For Bands Get Notice, Even with all the social media at their fingertips.

With all the social media their fingertips, It’s harder for bands than ever to get noticed.

I have touched on this before, and it bears worth repeating. There are just way too many bad bands out there these days in underground metal. More labels are ever releasing below average or in some cases poor product that it makes it sturdy and some instances even tougher for good to great bands to get noticed. There is just no way to review everything I get. Sometimes there are 6 or more promos from one label within one email!!

Back in the ’80s and into the early 90’s you had no Facebook, Bandcamp, band websites, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You had to rely on flyers through the mail, a mailing list, word of mouth, or to try and get on a tour or play live as often as possible. Heck, nowadays it is tough for touring bands, unless you’re an arena act, to get people to come out because people don’t go to shows as much. In some cases, it is too expensive, and in others, they can see the band live on YouTube.

Of course, back then there were terrible bands and band death and thrash bands to boot. In the 90’s way, too many Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation clone bands just rewriting the same old tired riffs and cup the mic vocals that those two bands did. Excellent groups making the rounds these days, and to me, you need an excellent or good hook to suck me in or vocals that make me stand up and take notice. I don’t need a tremendous or impressive production neither. Just don’t have your drums sounding like tin cans though haha.

The sad thing is how tough it is for these bands to get noticed. Fanzines are long gone and webzines, yeah they are still around, hell I do one ( but it is tough to get people to visit. I have a “likes” page on Facebook, and I post reviews and interviews on there, and I also post interviews on my actual Facebook page now to try and help bands out.

Hell years ago we had way bigger mags on metal, Metal Maniacs, Metal Forces, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Metal Mania, Live Wire, etc.
I feel sorry in some ways for bands as look at all the social media for them at their fingertips, yet it is harder for them than ever.

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