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Johnny Naro of Naro Studios

Ever heard the expression, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” or “You can’t judge a book by its Cover”? of course you have. But tell me, does this same philosophy apply when it comes to purchasing music or sparking one’s interest in a new Band or Artist?

For me personally, a CD or an album cover’s artwork can instantly trigger a vibe deep within my soul to which I can sense the depth of the music and feel an instant connection to it. The Graphic Designer’s talent must be on par with the Musician’s in complimenting “eye” with “ear candy.”

Recently I met with Johnny Naro, who has extended his talent from the stage to fulfilling a personal ambition with the launch of his own visual production company; Naro Studios.

Mark St. John: Johnny what made you branch out from being a Musician to forming your own company Naro Studios?

Johnny Naro: I’ve always wanted to run a Studio since I first got into music. The stars finally aligned in March of 2018 which was when I started Naro Studios. I’ve always wanted to work for myself and be my own Boss. I’m humbled to be doing that now.

MSJ: I’ve been very impressed thus far with the graphics and videos you’ve posted on-line regarding your work. Where do you receive your inspirations from?

JN: Thanks, man! I appreciate that. I guess my inspiration comes from all over the place. If I see some cool abstract looking shape in a window walking Home from the Grocery Store, I’ll be tempted to go and re-create it with the software I use. Of course, I also take inspiration from my Idols in the Design Universe.

MSJ: They say word of mouth is the best and most effective form of Advertising. How has the response been towards Naro Studios thus far from your Clients?

JN: I’d say word of mouth is about 50% of my current Clients. Of course, in the beginning, I had to grind and post my work everywhere so people knew that I had a Studio. Today, I don’t have to advertise as much, but I’m still posting every day just to keep the traffic flowing.

MSJ: When setting out to begin a Project for a Client, do you listen to their music first to give you a vision of the mood you wish to bring forward that would represent them best?

JN: I always ask to listen to the Band’s music first, or if making a logo for a Company, I enquire about the Business. Phone calls are more common because I find that it’s hard to convey certain graphic ideas over e-mail. I’m constantly talking with my Clients and updating them as the Project moves along. They really appreciate it which makes everything run more smoothly.

MSJ: You fronted a Band called The Rescue with James your Brother, not to mention being the Rhythm Guitarist in D-Drive on their third album entitled “3D” which also featured your Dad; Phil on Lead Vocals. It’s obvious that you come from a very respected and talented musical Family. Can we expect to see you back on stage performing your own music in the future?

JN: Oh totally. I’ve been inundated with so much graphic design work that I haven’t picked up a Guitar in a week or so. Music is literal therapy for me and writing songs is one of the most freeing things one can do. The main reason I got into graphics was so that I can do all the artwork for my own Band. Designing for others was just an accident, but I discovered that I love doing it. Expect new music from me very soon along with some even more insane visuals!


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