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TILTED – Hard Rock From The Jersey Shore!

Tilted has been rocking and rolling the New Jersey rock scene for ten years now opening up for such major acts as Skid Row, Dokken among others. The band has also played at the famous Stone Pony many times and continues to rock across the east coast. I had a chance to interview before the show opening for Dokken.

Angel  Alamo: How did the band get together?

Stevie C: Back in late 2009, after a job layoff, I decided I wanted to put a new hard rock band together. That is when I started auditions and met Tommy D. which is the current original drummer. We then recruited a singer and bass player that are no longer with us.

AA: How did the band settle on the name TILTED?

SC:  I had a large room above my garage that before making it the TILTED rehearsal studio, it was a place I hosted poker games. The word TILT or ON TILT is a phrase used often. We chose TILTED as it can relate to many things.

AA: Was the band considering any other names?


AA: Does the band have any plans to put out a record?

SC:  Yes, we currently have an EP out called “Never Too Late”  Tentative new record will be “Full Speed Ahead” (working title)  Most likely an EP of 5 songs

AA: What has the response been like to the EP?

SC: Very positive. Many say it was a great hard rock old feel like KISS, Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent. Our tunes were showcased on NJ Rock Channels like 95.9 The Rat, 89.5 WSOU, and various internet radio stations as far away as Australia.

Tilted Band Photo

AA: What was it like playing at the stone pony for the first time?

SC: Surreal. Its was the original band when we were a cover band. The group has evolved with the current lineup.  That stage has an incredible history and is our favorite place to play.

AA: Tell us about the song world on fire?

SC: The song got its inspiration from the Malaysian Plane shot down in 2014 flying over eastern Ukraine where all lives were lost.  However, the song resonates today with all the crazy things going on in the world today. It is a crowd favorite and often a show closer for us.

AA: Why did the band go with that song as a first single?

SC: We felt the timing was right this day and age. The world today is a crazy place. Just watch what is going on…..

AA: What is the band’s take on the whole “rock is dead” debate?

SC: Great question, it seems on the big scale the ROCK STARS from the greatest rock bands are coming to an end. Bands like KISS, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest.. etc.  These bands can’t be replaced. The industry has changed so much. Record sales, record stores, etc. really don’t exist. Hard to make new rock stars today. The world has changed so much.  Plus, people should support the local rock scene. So many great local bands. Is rock dead? In my opinion no but the days of a record company supporting a rock band to make them big and doing what it takes, I think those days are gone

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By Angel Alamo

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