HUMBLE PIE / Joint Effort (Cleopatra Records)

This is a recent release that was shelved by the band’s label back in 1974 and has recently seen the light of day thanks to this label, Cleopatra Records. Now I have not heard all of this band’s releases and I remember they had a hit in 1979 with “A Fool For A Pretty Face” tune, which was a damn ass catchy rock tune. Humble Pie to me was more of a 70’s style rock band like Grand Funk Railroad and stuff. The music on this is way more blues type of stuff and covers of James Brown, Betty White, The Beatles, and plus some originals on this did not leave me impressed. The songs dragged and just didn’t fire with me. I even went on YouTube and listened to some of their 70’s tunes and they were much better than this, so it is no wonder the label shelved by the band. I would have shelved it too. Maybe if your big time into the blues you’ll enjoy this, but I didn’t. Info:

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