BINKY PHILIPS AND THE PLANETS – Published 1972 NYC (Self Released)

Not sure of the exact title of this release because the band stamped “advanced copy” in big capital letters across the album title, which wasn’t the brightest idea guys. Anyway, all you care about is the music, and this does sound like something that would come out in 1972. It is down, and dirty garage like saying rock n roll and that is not a bad thing. The tunes on this are simple, but compelling rock tunes with a gruffly sounding singer, who I liked. The songs are easy to get into, and the guitar sound has that early 70’s radio rock sound and the production also has that 70’s type of music as well. Haven’t a band making this sound or sounding like this in quite some time and for me this was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one. Good job on this guys. Info:

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