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Hard Talk w June BallBuster “Babe Melissa Wolfe.” Vocalist of female fronted metal band “SEPSISS”

Manchester, NH….founded in 2011 by Melissa Wolfe & William Savant. Combining traditional heavy metal with modern rhythms, light synths, & a blend of urban hardcore. Melissa sings clean vocals while William adds harsher vocal pieces. Then you have heavy percussion alongside William’s synths, composition, and multi-genre experience, delivering a wide variety of down-tuned grueling bass, traditional, urban, modernized heavy ensembles. Usually a 6-piece; the group specializes in live shows, passionate fans, and hard work ethic.

babe imageCF: How long have you been into metal and is Sepsiss your first band your in?

MS: I’ve been listening to heavy metal ever since I was just a little girl. I grew up with this sort of music in my life thanks to my two older brothers always listening to it around me. My father was also in a band of his own at the time (he’s a guitar player). So as I got older, this really influenced me into starting a band of my own. Sepsiss, I can say, is the first “professional” band that I’ve ever been a part of. Before this, I had tried many times to get a project going, but each of those bands just wanted to kick back and “jam.” Nobody ever wanted to write any material or get serious about the music. I was different, I wanted a project that could take me to new heights and I wanted a challenge. Sepsiss is just that.

CF: So now what led to you becoming a singer? What are some other singers, either female or male you admire?

MS: When I was younger i had tried to play many different instruments. I attempted things like guitar, piano, all the way down to the drums. Those things weren’t for me, lol. I discovered that I had a voice in my high-school years and my peers thought I could push it even further. Some of my favorite singers are Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Simone Simons (Epica), and let’s not forget Michael Jackson.

CF: Now what sort of music would you say Sepsiss play or is and where is the band based out of?

MS: Sepsiss is based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. We have that traditional heavy metal sound with a twist. It’s a blend of urban dance-able beats, which are lead by melodic vocals, and we also have heavy breakdowns.

CF: Now how did you end up joining the band? Did they find you or did you find them?

MS: Sepsiss was created back in the year 2011 when I first met William Savant. I was about 17-years-old at the time and I was searching for a band. So I went on craigslist, found his post, and that’s really how it all happened. He and I have been through about 28+ band members since then…haha. Seriously! But we’re very happy with our current line-up. ?

CF: Good now what sort of outfits to you wear live? Do you run around and get all crazy at times?

MS: I guess you could say I’m one of the lucky ones lol, I have a team of people that help out with makeup & hair-styling. I’ve also been known to wear all sorts of a crazy wardrobe –from spiked collars & combat boots all the way down to wolf tails.

CF: Very cool. Now if someone wants to hear your music where would they go? Please plug any websites.

MS: We can be found on really ALL of the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Bandsintown, Instagram, Spotify, Itunes, etc.), but the best place to find our music would be at
You can also pick up a physical (or digital) copy of our newly released E.P. “Badd Blood” there.

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