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Faithsedge’s Giancarlo Floridia signs new deal with Scarlet Records!

Angel Alamo: How did the band come together?

GF: I came up with the band idea after hearing Fabrizio Grossi’s production on the first Starbreaker record. I felt that Fabrizio was good at mixing sounds of progressive, metal and 80’s all in one package on that debut album. So at the time, I had moved away from the home town of California for a year or so and set a goal to come back and work with him when I lived in Ohio. Once I did come back, I reached out to him and had a five-song ep/demo I did with Juan Croucier from Ratt that was good enough to set up a meeting and a game plan to work together on our first album. After that, he put the first band line up together and then it changed into the new version of the band with Tim Gaines and Matt Starr, Fabrizio and I are still like family, so I’m thankful for him. If not for him, no Faithsedge would have ever happened. He showed the album to Scarlet records, and I’ve been with them and now Spiritual Beast Japan ever since.

AA: Touring behind this record?

GF: I want to go to Europe or Japan but no plans of yet we shall see.

faithsedge bfpAA: How was the songwriting done for this album?

GF: I tried to take the things I got reception from the most from people that like what I do. So melody and lyrics that are real or have some sort of substance to them but also keeping an old school feels people like retro music more in my scene and so do I so I try to keep it that way but throw some twist in it with progressive and metal. I tried getting super dark on the second album “The answer of insanity” which was honest and I can relate to it but it wasn’t received as well as the first album and our last album Restoration So with the new album Bleed for passion I went back to what I feel made our first album and Restoration enjoyable and then tried to take it to the next level. Also, all the guitars are tuned higher, so I’m singing a bit higher and do many more background vocals. I also co-wrote a tune with Tim Gaines called “Through the Scars ” really progressive type tune and has a bass solo section it’s pretty awesome.

AA: How did the band come up with the album title?

GF: I came up with the title when I see the music industry today, so many bands and people are quitting due to the lack of money coming through due to illegal downloading. So if you are a new artist, it’s quite a struggle, but I do it because I really love songwriting and singing. I’ve given up so much to get this done, but it was worth it. So the title reflects that to be making original music, you really have to be willing to sacrifice and in a way suffer for it if you love it. Unless your spoiled and rich, which I’m not haha. So if you love something, go for it!

AA: Will the band make another record?

GF: I still have another one in me for sure I have to figure it out as you will hear on the new album I’m I feel not done. I feel like I still have more to say with the band and as a writer.
So I will come up with a game plan next year and try to have our 5th album out on 2021 which will mark our ten year anniversary.

AA: How did the song ” Never a day” come together?

GF: When someone you care about passes away how to do you carry on? To me I had some pretty close people within the time of the first album and Restoration pass way my best friend big Mike who helped me come up with the idea for the name Faithsedge and one of my neighbors for years named Connie who was like a mother to me also and Jani Lane who always pushed me when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s to go for it in this business. And also my cousin Jennifer who passed away when she was 16, which is another song I wore on that album. So I thought about them and just all the good things they brought into my life and even though they might not be here anymore to believe in myself and remember the positive words they gave to me. It’s just my way of thanking them for everything they did for me during their time here.

AA: Do the lyrics to the songs on the record come from a personal view or storytelling one?

GF: I have a concept when I write if it’s not real or from the soul then don’t waste my time. In 20 years, I want to look back and say to myself that was a good subject, not something that had no value to me. I know I will not regret that. Sometimes the problem with that is I put it out there and then you have people that decide they know what it’s about and don’t dig deep as into as I do. You have many low life critics that are miserable people online that they try to smear my talent and hard work. But in the end, you’re gonna die someday so I think it’s important to put something into this world that means something important. So my lyrics in the songs are very important to me.

AA: What were the toughest songs for the band to tackle on this record?

GF: On Bleed for Passion, I have a song called ” I know I need to let you go ” for sure the hardest to write. I hold the song Faith and Chris from Restoration pretty close to a standard on what people should expect from me.  Intense, real lyrics and melody with also many parts or sections. So I was trying to top that song. It was really difficult, but I think it’s at the same level. I had to rework it a few times lyric-wise. But overall the whole album just came naturally, and I’m looking forward to every one to hear it.

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