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Singaya is a 4-piece Punk Rock outfit. Started in the summer of 2016 after toying around with the sound and musicians Singaya starting to come into their own by 2017 with the releases of “You’ve Got the Bite” and “Yeah Whatever Lady” this band is a well-oiled machine ready take over venues and clubs across the country.

Angel Alamo: How did the band get the name Singaya?

Singaya Band: We got our name from one of the best horror movies ever made Dead Alive it is also Peter Jackson’s first movie in the opening scene one of the guys get bit by a rat monkey the villagers yell Singaya!! You’ve got the bite (which is also the name of our debut ep and lead track), and they proceed to cut his limbs off before he turns to a zombie pretty gnarly stuff.

AA: How did the band form?

SB: Originally the band formed when I reached out to a buddy of mine about working on some old songs I had laying around that I just wanted to record we ended up jamming and having a lot of fun with it and started looking at really putting a band together through plenty of lineup changes we finally got it down with Jon Hamilton on lead guitar Jeff “sickboy” on bass and Dan drew on drums and I’m the only original member on guitar and vocals haha its kinda cool to look back on where it started and what it’s turned into now

AA: Any plans to work on a full-length album?

SB: We would love to! Unfortunately the way music is consumed these days it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense releasing a full length it is just not the way people buy and listen to music anymore if you look back on the last 20 years how the music industry has evolved you just aren’t selling CDs anymore people aren’t getting signed to major labels it’s a very diy passion project to artists now we don’t do it for the money of course all of us would love to do this as a full-time career but it’s a very different industry the income comes mainly from shows and selling merch the actual physical copy of the music is just not worth what it was anymore we released our first two e.p.’s on Spotify iTunes all that with this new one “Unapproachable” we are just releasing it as singles accompanied with a music video and making limited pressings of it available at our shows only

AA: How does the band write songs?

SB: In the early stages I wrote a majority of the material after we started getting a more solid lineup everyone contributes now and you can really hear it from our first release “You’ve Got the Bite” to our latest release “Unapproachable” the writing has really progressed we all come from different backgrounds of music so it’s fun when we all bring it to the table the songs just write themselves all of us love our instruments and play all the time there is never a shortage of riffs

AA: What is the toughest thing about being in a band?

SB: Keeping a bass player! Haha, we’ve gone through 5!! But seriously just finding the right guys that all have the same drive and all on the same page is a musician is very tough these days we all work full-time jobs three of us work together, so that helps so we play out as much as we can we do everything DIY make our own merch our own recordings our own releases book our own shows we certainly aren’t in this for the money, but we also don’t need anyone else’s hands in our pockets cause they aren’t that deep

AA: Does the band play covers?

We’ll throw an occasional cover in there from time to time we’re from jersey so it’s almost an unwritten rule you play a Misfits cover every now and again we’ve also done some Chuck Berry and Tom Petty depends on the bands we’re playing with and the energy of the crowd we’ve got plenty in our arsenal covers are always fun people get involved with something that’s familiar so if we can draw them in and they dig our original stuff great if they don’t hey at least they enjoyed one thing we did.

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By Angel Alamo

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