Falling Hazard

What a blazing and worthy tribute paid by Denmark’s Falling Hazard to the Father of Irish Rock – Philip Lynott, to commemorate on what would have been the Legend’s 70th Birthday.

This 2 track gem features a solid cover of “Old Town” -which first saw the light of day on the Thin Lizzy front man’s second solo project entitled “The Philip Lynott Album” and released back in 1982. The b – side is a very impressive original entitled “I Lie Not”, which is a biography of the great man himself captured within a span of 4:35. Die-hard Fans, please be assured those patented dual guitar harmonies which Thin Lizzy were renowned for are highlighted throughout this disc as well.

Unable to get your hands on one of the 250 limited edition copies of this release pressed on red vinyl? don’t fret. The digital version includes a kick-ass version of the classic “Jailbreak” as it’s bonus track. Not a bad consolation.

Why do I feel that “Philo” is looking down upon Falling Grace from above in Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven and bursting with pride? Unseen Irish eyes are definitely smiling!

Checkout Falling Hazards website and on facebook.

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