Hard Vision


A fascinating DVD this is. I agree with all the opinions on this. With downloads and music sales slumping, it’s more important for a band to build its brand, whether it be live shows, a super catchy logo, a VIP meet and greet, having as many social media sites/pages as possible, then going in the studio to record a new album. Goes, especially for an older band that plans on going out and touring that has a history of solid, classic releases beyond them. Look fans want the old stuff, the classic stuff, and that is what they are paying and seeing to hear. This DVD you hear many musicians and music industry people from all genres, whether it be the 80’s punk rock scene, underground metal, music industry people from record labels talking all about how the music industry has changed and it just blew me away how spot on these people are/were. Many of these bands, going out, touring, and selling merchandise on the road is all they can do. Check this DVD out, and you will love it. Info:

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