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One of the most enjoyable and soaring releases that have come my way as of late is this 11 track compilation of sonic ecstasy from MJM. A remarkable band of Canadian music veterans that is fronted by ex-Rapid Tears/ Adrenalin lead guitarist (and initial sake) Michael J. Miller.

With tracks such as “Resurrection,” “Mountain Boogie” and “Native Sun”, fans who love shred in the vein of Joe Satriani and Tony MacAlpine will be undoubtedly captivated,

Not only the album’s production and depth of Miller’s mind-blowing fretwork -but equally the solid chemistry of Zsolt Henczley, Tom Eakin, Clayton Bonin, Greg Linton, Rick Vatour and Jill McMurray -whose combined talents make “Instrumental” a must-have future classic.

How this band has managed to go unnoticed by every major record label is an injustice towards the hard rock and metal lovers world-wide. MJM is beyond ready …..and deserving of success!

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YouTube: Michael J Miller Band

Facebook: MJM The Michael J. Miller Band

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