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One of the most promising artists that I’ve had the privilege of speaking to recently is Dom Mar Kz. An exceptional talent who has been applying his multi-instrumental skills ever since the early 1990s, Dom has stepped his game up big time with the release of his latest album entitled “Destiny.”


Always a first-class Gentleman, Mr. Mar Kz was more than accommodating and generous to share his story with “The Count” for the readers of Ball-Buster Music!


MARK ST JOHN: What inspired you first to become a Musician?

DOM MAR KZ: I have always loved music from an early age. Music became my imagination playground inspired by the legends of our time – Elvis, The Beatles, and Elton John and intrigued by their unique styles and performances.

MSJ: Let’s talk about your latest release entitled “Destiny.” It’s a fantastic album in which plenty of time and precision towards creating it is quite noticeable!

DMKZ: Thank you, Mark! The songs from this album are from a collection of compositions that span over 2-3 years. I found myself immersed in writing and working out the lyrics.

Each composition on this album challenged me both lyrically and musically, and I found myself too close to it for the selection process. So, I called on my Producer / Engineer Dusty Chesterfield to help me out. Dusty played a massive role in the recording. I am playing all the guitar parts, some bass, and keyboards, on top of helping with the arrangements too. Dusty and I are the only Musicians on this album.

MSJ: As a Songwriter, where do you receive your ideas and inspirations?

DMKZ: I get my inspiration from real-life experiences, both mine and others. From the sharing of other people’s stories that are true, from the vibe, I get from playing specific instruments – and being in particular surroundings. Life is full of inspiration – it’s everywhere! and for me, it’s been my life’s passion and a blessing to be able to intertwine emotions, and thoughts into words to create meaningful music and to be able to share it

MSJ: You’ve been in this insane game known as the music industry for quite some time now. How would you say the profession has changed from the time when you first set foot on stage at Toronto’s legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven back in 1991 compared to the present day?

Dom Mar Kz playing guitar while leaning on carDMKZ: The music industry is always changing and evolving. From the times of the legendary Rock N’ Roll Heaven days to the present. The clubs and live music experiences don’t seem to be as popular today. The internet and social media platforms have definitely changed the music scene. It’s so much easier to listen to and source out different Bands and genres of music without leaving the comfort of home. The plus side is that there are literally thousands of unrecognized Artists today who now have an opportunity to attract fans to their music also. I feel audiences that follow live performances are much more engaging. With music available online, there is also a wider scope for Artists to get their music out compared to the days when going to an actual store for purchasing CDs or records was a thing. So, I guess you can say that today’s Musician / Artist / Performer, has the potential of having the World as their Audience.

MSJ: Lately, you have made several appearances on both radio and television within Southern Ontario. What has the response been like, and how vital is publicity/promotion to an Artist?

DMKZ: Radio and television exposure has always been a great avenue to promote my music. I’ve found it to be an opportunity for a vast audience to gain both insight and perspective on just where my music comes from, giving viewers and listeners a real connection. The response has been incredible. I’m finding a generation of interested in my music, both in listening and coming out to performances, and more activity through all my social media platforms.

MSJ: You have been blessed to perform with such legends as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and The Scorpions. Not only that, but you’ve had the opportunity to bring your music in front of a live audience in England! It’s extremely rare for an Independent Artist -without the backing of a major Record Company, to be granted such a chance of a lifetime. How did this happen?

DMKZ: Opening for Bon Jovi was definitely the opportunity of a lifetime and a great experience. Winning Toronto’s Q-107.5 FM contest back in 2005 also helped to open many doors and opportunities as a result, and it’s constant! I just keep myself open to possibilities, submitting my music to promoters and agents and believing in my music. I like to think the music did all the talking in the end.

MSJ: Keeping up on this topic, what did you take away from the mentioned experience, and how has it enhanced your skills as a Musician?

DMKZ: Being a part of that caliber of musicianship and talent challenged me to be the best I can be. It also brought me the confidence to believe that anything is possible and that with hard work, you can achieve your every heart’s desire. Also, being among the best, you learn very quickly that there is no room for error, so you really have only one choice, and that’s to give it all you got. Through all the blood, sweat, and tears, and somewhere down the road, it all pays off if you believe – have faith and choose never to give up.

MSJ: So, what other goals and ambitions do Dom Mar Kz hope to realize in the future?

DMKZ: I am always thinking of new ways to reinvent myself. Songwriting, performing, is part of my DNA. I am presently also working with an agent to explore numerous opportunities for both live performances and my music.

First on the list for 2020 will be a Live Aid style benefit with a one of a kind concert bringing together 8-10 bands for one night on one stage to raise money for Blue Door Shelter -a charitable organization is supporting families in need within our community. As someone who has always wanted to give back in terms of performing and engaging other musical talents to entertain while supporting worthy causes is an opportunity that lends itself to being a part of something much bigger. I will always be looking for opportunities to share my music with live performances and to hopefully be an inspiration to others.

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