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Concerts: Way Too Expensive!

Styx Album Cover

This column this time around is about shows and how expensive they are getting. When you go see these “classic” rock bands, most play these casinos, at least they do near me, which in this case is Atlantic City, and the cost of going is over $100 per ticket. That, to me, is crazy. Most of these bands don’t even have the “classic” line-ups of when they were famous. Journey, for example, they at least have 4 out of 5 members that were around as I will also throw in Johnathan Cain has he started when the band released “Escape.” Of course, lots of fans wish “Steve Perry” was singing in the band. Instead, the group has current lead singer Arnel Pineda who does a beautiful job (I have seen him signing live), and also, the two albums they have released with him are fantastic as well. If I am paying over $100.00 a ticket and this sitting in the back of the concert hall, I better be meeting the band as well.

Kiss Album Cover

Styx is another band, who a few years back did a reunion tour with singer Dennis DeYoung and the band sounded great, and after that tour, the group split with him and now have singer Lawrence Gowan singing all the tunes he sang on.

Kiss who are on their farewell tour has two guys wearing Peter Criss and Ace Frehley makeup and heck some people might think it is Ace and Peter in the band!

Foreigner has one original member in the band, and that is founder Mick Jones. You might as well as say they are a tribute band at this point, haha.

I understand bands want to make money, and most are just playing these old songs from the ’70s and ’80s, but I wish they would cut it down a bit with their concert prices. Heck, they should throw in a discounted t-shirt for $10 or $ 15 to go along with the concert ticket.

Look, if a band member has passed away such as the original singer in Boston, well, then they need to get someone else to sing, but guys, let’s lower the ticket prices a bit, please.

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