ANGEL “Risen” (Cleopatra Records)

Amazing. I was a big fan of this band all through their six albums (one a double live album) with their well-crafted pop tunes and Punky Meadows godly vocals. This band should have been huge back then, but I think the record label (Casablanca) never gave them the proper push. Well, Punky is back along with another original member Frank DiMino and the band sounds as fresh and as godly as they did back in the late ’70s. Total ass-kicking pop tunes that are so damn catchy it isn’t funny. Punky’s vocals are out of this world, and this, to me, is one of the greatest comeback albums I have ever heard in my life. A must-have for any rock fan and this blows away any of that hair metal shit from the 80’s I can tell you that. Info:

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