GREAT WHITE, “Stage” (DeadLine Records)

Slick, polished, tight, & well-rehearsed is the best way to describe these two shows. Album initially released in 1995. Captures the true spirit of the group, and now for the 1st time, you can enjoy it on turntables, the way the music best listened. “Stage” pressed on White vinyl and CD features an impressive choice of songs on two discs, including their killer single’s “Once bitten, Twice Shy,” “Rock Me,” and “Save Your Love.” Jack Russel and the boys give a stellar performance here. What extreme group of skilled musicians. Jack has a voice most singers only wish they had. Guitarist Mark Kendall, a much impressive player who I had the opportunity to Interview on their tour bus after a show in the mid-80s. Very knowledgeable and technique-oriented, If you’re a die-hard fan, you want this in your collection.

Personality prefers tracks “Face The Day.”, “Babe (I’m Gonna Leave You)” and “Can’t Shake It.” Keyboardist Michael Lardie. “Bassist “Terry Cook” & “Audie Desbrow” Provide a strong solid foundation. Highly recommended for fans of Hard Rock!!

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