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Hard Features! A Plea To Tour Promoters Everywhere!!

Hard Features (An Open Letter) | Dear Tour Promoter we want a Blood Sweat, & Beers XXX tour 2021| 

by Angel Alamo

Before the popular package co-headlining tours, there was a tour that, after 29 years, still stands out. I am talking about none other than the Blood, Sweat, and Beers tour. The line-up had three of the biggest bands, Warrant, Firehouse, and Trixter. It is incredible that people still remember this tour. All three groups were new and had albums that 30 years later, people still love and listen. There’s nothing official about a blood, sweat, and beers tour for 2021. An idea and to tour promoters. It could be a packaged summer tour or fall tour. This tour was so big that they gave it a pay per view event. The members from all three bands have fond memories of the visit. I didn’t get to see the tour when I was 11, and my brother would not take me for some reason or another, this is a chance to see the tour again. For those who saw it, what a way to have a 30-year reunion. With the coronavirus that happened. By 2021 people will be anxious to want to go out and have a good time. 

I figure I do my part and write an open letter to the music promoters. If the music weren’t good, those three bands would not be here today. All three groups are still alive and rocking to the tour promoters and Las Vegas Casino promoters. In an interview I did with Warrant last year, Jerry Dixon is open to doing a Las Vegas residency with other bands. As far as a tour, this is a chance to do something that has not b, which is to have a sequel 30 years later on tour. I have seen all three bands live they still put on a great show. There is no doubt that this tour will be worth the money. Tour promoters can name this tour Blood, Sweat, and Beers XXX. 

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By Angel Alamo

Angel is co-host on The Metal Summit & has been featured in Metal Sludge, sleaze roxx & other publications.