Mr. Quinn “Walking Through The Fire” (Self Released) Sweden | 2019

mrQuinnMr. Quinn is a Swedish hard rock band from the Västerbotten region (up north).” Walking Through The Fire” is the band’s third album, and just like on the predecessors, the group has its feet firmly tucked down in the classic hard rock soil. The band members grew up with bands like Rainbow, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep. Also some elements, in “My Recall” with its almost theatrical touch of pomp rock and a pinch of AOR. Also, “Nothing Last Forever” has a dramatic feel and an excellent chorus. The band has a new drummer since last time. Former Moon Safari man Tobias Lundgren prog drum playing fits perfectly. Mr. Quinn is quite close to the musical vein of today’s Europe, but they have managed to find a slightly more melodically accessible thread. However, sometimes they are even a bit too poppy, like in the somewhat bland AOR song “No Tomorrow,” and where ballad “My Love” is also passing by entirely unnoticed. Unfortunately album closer “Don’t Hold Back” is a slight anti-climax, after the highly pleasant “It’s Up To You.” For the most part, an excellent album, which despite a couple of low points, is recommendable.

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