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Jimi Hendrix – Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred)

This book culminated in author Corey Washington’s 20-year journey in exploring and researching the impact and a complex and misunderstood relationship Jimi Hendrix experienced (no pun intended) in the black community. Jimi’s life had been documented in numerous biographies over the years since his death in 1970. However, very little has been mentioned about his influence on people of color. Unfortunately, Hendrix regarded to have transcended race, which is insulting to his cultural roots -and I’m referring not only to his musical influences but also to grow up as a black man in post World War II America.

Mr. Washington seeks to add upon Jimi’s overall legacy by clasping Jimi’s black culture, including many famous people in his life and conversations from several others whom readers would never have had the opportunity to hear. In traditional Hendrix biographies published before or even likely since. Jimi Hendrix was always very ambitious about his music and in establishing a diverse legion of fans. While it’s sad to accept that he never got to see the fruits of his labor, Black Legacy is an undeniable testament that Jimi’s ambitions have fulfilled!

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