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Rocking with Hammer Down Hard

On Hammer Down Hard’s Facebook page the bio says high energy adrenaline fueled metal.  Hammer Down Hard was not kidding about it as they are high adrenaline fueled metal. When you play both releases 2018’s Total Annihilation and 2019’s Madness Serves Me Well, you can’t tell if the records were released last year, 2000, or 1985. That is because it is straight ahead rock n roll without trying to be or sound like what is on the radio or trying to be current. This is why Hammer Down Hard is a band that is here to stay.

First release Total Annihilation is a statement record that says this is who we are, we are here to kick a** and rock n roll. The band comes out with the best one punch for a debut record Total Annihilation and who I am. As a fan, who I am is one my personal favorites. The song is an anthem. It will have different meanings to every fan and that is what is cool about music. To me the song means be yourself and be who you are. Total Annihilation is six great songs with no fillers from start to finish with a few surprises which I won’t say what the surprise is you have to buy the record to know what I mean. Conquer and divide, bloodshot eyes, Christine, and Wakefield are just as heavy.

In an interview with The Metal Summit Lonnie Hammer said he wanted to make Madness Serves Me Well a heavier record. It doesn’t fail to disappoint. Dark side of heaven, world’s gone black, alpha dog, bleeding out, and Cephalopod. The record doesn’t fail to disappoint as the songs and lyrics are stronger. The record leaves you wanting to hear more new songs. There is nothing fake about this band. Hammer Down Hard are a rare band where this is who they are as the song says. The songs are amazing and heavy. I love the guitar riffs you can hear and air guitar to both lead and rhythm guitars. If you love real hard rock and heavy music you will love the records that they have put out.

To purchase Hammer Down Hard records and merchandise (they have a lot of cool merchandise by the way) go to

(44) Episode 28: Lonnie Hammer of Hammer Down Hard – YouTube

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By Angel Alamo

Angel is co-host on The Metal Summit & has been featured in Metal Sludge, sleaze roxx & other publications.