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Bill Champlin Livin’ For Love Album Review

Do you remember the days of buying an album, reading all of the credits, listening to the record from the first song all the way through to the very last note on the record then going back to listen to it because there was a cool guitar riff, solo, or bass line that made you go back and think how awesome the song is. I remember those days very well. Listening to the new album by legendary musician Bill Champlin Livin’ for love makes you feel that way again., the new album is a collection of 14 great songs, 16 if you buy the Japanese import which includes two extra songs.
I would hate to talk about a specific song we live in the digital Era where people will just buy one or two songs and that’s it. The best way to give this album the best possible review is to tell you about the album without focusing on any specific songs. What’s great about this record is you can’t put this album into any category. The album has elements of rock, pop, jazz, and R&B rolled up into. How is that possible you may ask. Throughout his career Bill Champlin has written songs and played with different musicians. He has never stayed playing with one music genre. It shows on this album. This is not an album to listen to alone if you are a musician. It is the kind of album to invite friends over and listen to. You will hear a lot of cool riffs, bass lines, and horn sections.
For young music listeners and young musicians if you need an album to listen this is it. This is the album that you want to listen to. For the rest of us it is a chance to celebrate not only the music but Bill Champlin as well. Who after all of these years makes great albums. Livin’ for love doesn’t disappoint it gives you 14 amazing great songs to listen to without wanting to skip a song.

2021: Livin’ For Love (Imagen Records)  tracks:


“Reason to Believe” B Champlin/T Champlin/B Gaitsch

“Especially Me” B Champlin/G Mathieson

“Livin’ For Love” B Champlin

“Show Me” B Champlin/Jason Scheff

“Another Lie” B Champlin

“Hey” B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

“Alone” B Champlin

“Love Lives On” B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

“Losin’ Ground” B Champlin/G Mathieson

“A Stevie Song” B Champlin

“Too Good For Too Long” B Champlin/A Carlsson

“Love Has No Heart” M Caruso/B Champlin/T Champlin

“The Truth Has Begun” B Champlin/G Mathieson

“My Time” B Champlin

Japanese Import Release Only

“Slave to the Medicine” B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

“A Force We Can’t Fight” B Champlin/T Champlin/G Falcone

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