Black Paisley “Ramber” (self-released) Style: Melodic

black paisley rambler coverThe first riff of the opening track,” Damned,” makes your sense of a smell of diesel. Straight ahead, uncomplicated, hard-driving blues-based hard rock ‘n roll. If the season had been right for it, this one would crave on an open cab and a motorway—a very nice start on Swedish hard rockers Black Paisley’s third effort. The band features former Electric Boys guitarist Franco Santunione. Stefan Blomqvist handles the other guitar the lead vocals, Jam Emanuelsson plays bass, and behind the drums, we find Robert Kazari. Album mixed by Deathwitch /Dundertåget/Imperial State Electric/Humbucker man Robert Pehrsson and its sound is fat and nice. “Without Us” continues in the same vein, but with a slightly more radio-friendly and melodic chorus, which also applies to the next track – “Higher Love.” There’s something familiar with the lead vocals, which I at first couldn’t pinpoint. Then I realized he reminds me of Y&T’s Dave Meniketti in his med and lowers register. A great thing in my book! “Save The Best” keeps the pace up, and “Timeless Child” shows no traces of slowing down. All in all, this is a great, rocking, power rocker with great melodies I can recommend!

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By Janne Stark

I'm a Swedish guitarist, writer, and record collector. I've recorded a bunch of albums/C.D.s with bands like OVERDRIVE, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, BALLS, MOUNTAIN OF POWER, ZELLO, PLANET ALLIANCE, plus made guest appearances on stuff by NARNIA, AUDIOVISION, CHRIS CATENA, FAITH, BLINDED COLONY, THALAMUS, M.O.B., TOWER OF STONE, VII GATES, etc. I'm currently involved in the following bands/projects: GRAND DESIGN, MOUNTAIN OF POWER, OVERDRIVE, ZOOM CLUB, and CONSTANCIA. I've been writing for magazines like FUZZ, Backstage, Kool Kat News, Hard Roxx, Sweden Rock Magazine, etc. I still write for, and, plus I'm the author of the three volumes of "The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal"! I have a lovely wife, two crazy cats and two beautiful daughters.